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Our mig liners are precision wound to stringent standards for excellent fit and long life. SUPERIOR CONSUMABLES liners are available in many popular brands of High carbon music wire for smooth wire feed and long life. SUPERIOR CONSUMABLES liners are available in common lengths to 25′ (7.6 m) for all wire sizes and most every Robotic and Manual welding application.

SUPERIOR CONSUMABLES are the only WISE CHOICE for your tough welding applications. That’s because they offer the same high performance as original equipment consumables.

SUPERIOR CONSUMABLES deliver the performance and reliability you need to minimize your production costs while maximizing welding efficiencies!

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All of our welding tips are made from the highest quality ISO Extruded Tubing.

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Superior Consumables product is backed by proven, documented test results.

For All Your Mig Welding Needs!

Many self proclaimed ORIGINAL manufacturers contract out a large percentage of their consumable manufacturing needs and just charge a higher price for their logo and packaging.  Some even go as far to make statements that the warranty is not valid if their Original brand consumables are not used. The WISE purchaser knows that these statements are false and misleading and are contravening to the MAGNUSON MOSS act in the USA and against the COMPETITION ACT in Canada.