Power Lock Diffusers

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Power Lock Diffusers

The Power Lock Diffuser thread form distributes the load radially beyond the threads significantly increasing the strength and overall integrity of the connection. The tip/diffuser contact area is also increased and maintained by deforming the crest or tip of the thread aiding in a reduction of electrical resistance.

POWER LOCK® diffusers are available in Brass or Copper for the most demanding welding applications.

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WEDGE RAMP in the root of the internal female thread of the diffuser. Uniform load distribution per thread increases life of the diffuser and minimizes chances of thread jamming. Constant surface contact aids in dissipation of heat and reduces electrical resistance across the threaded joint, reducing fatigue failure and increasing the integrity of the treaded joint. 
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LOCKING and CENTERING. The major diameter or crest of the male thread of contact tip slightly deforms against wedge ramp of the diffuser causing the locking feature. This feature eliminates radial thread clearances and creates a continuous spiral line of contact along the entire length of the thread creating a very accurate centering of the contact tip.

Standard Thread Design

Power lock Design

Patent Pending #2,484,014

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All of our welding tips are made from the highest quality ISO Extruded Tubing.

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Many self proclaimed ORIGINAL manufacturers contract out a large percentage of their consumable manufacturing needs and just charge a higher price for their logo and packaging.  Some even go as far to make statements that the warranty is not valid if their Original brand consumables are not used. The WISE purchaser knows that these statements are false and misleading and are contravening to the MAGNUSON MOSS act in the USA and against the COMPETITION ACT in Canada.

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