Submerged Arc Tips

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Submerged Arc Welding

Our Submerged Arc tips and contact jaws are made from a “hard alloy copper” and precision machined to stringent standards for excellent fit and long life. SUPERIOR CONSUMABLES Sub Arc tips and Submerged arc welding Contact JAWS are available in many popular styles such as Lincoln®, ESAB® Urhan & Schwill® and Miller®. SUPERIOR CONSUMABLES sub-arc tips and contact jaws are also available in custom made designs for all wire sizes and most every Submerged Arc welding application.

Just replace your original SUB ARC tips or Submerged Arc Contact Jaws with the LONG LIFE hard copper tips and enjoy the savings!

SUPERIOR CONSUMABLES are the only WISE CHOICE for your tough SUBARC welding applications. That’s because in many cases we offer even higher performance than original equipment tips. (See trials)

Submerged Arc Tips

SUPERIOR CONSUMABLES delivers the performance and reliability you need to minimize your production costs while maximizing “Submerged Arc” welding efficiencies!

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